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We are an Eco Friendly Company

Benefits of our Water Catchment System
Benefits of our Solar Panels

Water Catchment

Our water catchment systems collect and store rainwater. The stored water is then used for irrigation of the landscaping trees and grass at that location. Implementing rainwater harvesting is beneficial because it reduces the demand on existing water supply and reduces the runoff, erosion and contamination of surface water.

Some environmental benefits from our water catchment systems include:
  • Improves landscaping growth because rainwater is natural and free of treatment chemicals.
  • Decrease both the impact on the existing water infrastructure (e.g., dams, pipes and treatment plants) and the need for new infrastructure. Adding new facilities is a huge cost which the water company ultimately passes down to all consumers.
  • Reduces the damage to our creeks, water habitats and organisms caused by stormwater runoff.

By storing with us, you have a hand in helping us save the environment. The water we harvest is reused for irrigation at each of the following locations:

Across all of our locations, we store over 66,000 gallons of rainwater

Solar Panels

The use of solar panels saves the environment from greenhouse gas emissions, CO2 emissions, carbon in the air and provides humans other environmental benefits.

While other forms of fuel deplete over time, the sun is here to stay and produces 1000 watts of power for every square meter on Earth. We just have to harness it. Our highly efficient solar panels convert the sun’s power into electricity. That electricity helps light and cool the buildings or provides excess energy back to the electrical grid. All of this helps to save the environment while also helping the electric company reduce the need for more power plants, which in turn saves everyone money.

The benefits of our panels...

1,052,640 miles driven by a passenger vehicle are saved in greenhouse gas emissions
1,052,640 Miles Driven
415.8 acres of forest are needed to absorb the same amount of carbon in the atmosphere as are saved by our solar panels
415.8 acres of forest
64.7 homes’ electricity use for one year saved in CO2 emissions
64.7 Homes

We have solar panel systems at the following locations:

  • Bee Caves
  • Blanco
  • Cresta Bella
  • Leon Springs
  • Pflugerville
  • South Lamar